My Lockdown Anxiety Has Been Through The Roof. Luckily, Steve Carell’s Filmography Has Helped.

Steve Carell is my knight in shining armour. We’re a team, him and I — the Brooke to my Peyton, the Woody to my Buzz, the Dionne to my Cher. Alright, we might not be best friends IRL, and yes, I’m pretty sure he has no clue I exist — but the man’s been my saviour time and time again. He’s seen me through my worst, been there for my best and has unfailingly always brought cathartic laughter and purgative tears whenever it beckons. It all started with ‘The Office,’ pulling me out from the depths of my teenage depression (that, along with my usual bout of anti-depressants). Michael Scott’s comic relief was an addictive remedy to life’s woes, but so were his more heartfelt, poignant moments throughout the show that would ALWAYS unleash teary cascades. I quickly dived into Steve Carell’s filmography for more healing and found myself head-over-heels in love with the melange of genres he so effortlessly sparkled in. I’ve revised his work during these turbulent, unprecedented times and spent the last week of lockdown soothing my ranging anxiety as a result. Here, I’ve ranked my all-time favourite movies of his thus far — gems that outdistance all.


Little Miss Sunshine


Dan In Real Life


The Big Short


Beautiful Boy



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