“Life is very fleeting, I’ve learnt that.”

  1. The compelling tale divulges the excavation of the Sutton Hoo treasures on the crux of WW2.
  2. Carey Mulligan and Ralph Fiennes are two forbearing, winsome individuals brought closer together in a touching, incredibly sui-generis friendship.
  3. The cinematography is breathtaking — dreamy English countrysides with hazy sunshine and bittersweet monsoon days.
  4. ‘The Dig’ delicately dissects human emotions, rife in conflicting desires, longing to feel, fighting for self-worth — all in an aching crusade of…

Steve Carell is my knight in shining armour. We’re a team, him and I — the Brooke to my Peyton, the Woody to my Buzz, the Dionne to my Cher. Alright, we might not be best friends IRL, and yes, I’m pretty sure he has no clue I exist — but the man’s been my saviour time and time again. He’s seen me through my worst, been there for my best and has unfailingly always brought cathartic laughter and purgative tears whenever it beckons. It all started with ‘The Office,’ pulling me out from the depths of my teenage depression…

‘Hustlers’ Is A Striking And Liberating Form Of Sharply-Woven Feminism



R. A. M. O. N. A.

Leader and mama-bear of a tribe of exotic, ingenue dancers, a money-centric yet solicitous pole-dancing extraordinaire with years of talent oozing out.

When Wall Street plummets in 2008, mama bear Ramona, who I’m hoping will adopt me one day, steps up to protect her cubs in a striking and liberating form of sharply-woven feminism — they collectively predate and dupe sleazy fat cats and fighting for survival.

A sharp, dignified sense of female empowerment seeps through the film’s floorboards in what ends…

‘Joker’ was an erudite experience. Void of any special effects that are evincing in the superhero genre, ‘Joker’ is a compelling dive into how mental health can so easily slip into nihilistic tendencies. All through the self-annihilating tendencies of Arthur Fleck ( the resplendent Joaquin Phoenix), the film delved deeper into Arthur’s despondent life and by the end of the film, the eight-minute standing ovation for the film at the Venice Film Festival becomes clear.

Todd Phillip’s masterpiece sparkles in grime-glitter while diving into the origins of the much-loved villain; an estranged clown who suffers from a condition that turns…

‘Green Book’ chronicles the early 1960’s story of two men; the mellifluous prodigy Don Shirley (Mahershala Ali), a wealthy, Black pianist living a comfortable life in New York and an uncouth, Italian ‘Soprano’ bouncer turned chauffeur Tony Vallelonga — whose worlds collide to form one of the most unexpectedly, heartfelt friendships in recent cinema.

The ’60s was when racism was a proliferating plague, and interestingly enough, ‘Green Book’ refers to a book that was published; ’The Negro Motorist Book’ which was an incredibly demeaning guide for African-American road trippers. The dramedy begins with Shirley wishing to initiate a tour Down…

Infidelity has, at most been long associated with male virility. However, heightened economic drifts and, well a shift in societal structures across the world have peeled open passage for a rise in female-driven adultery; and herein lies the knotty cliché by most — that when men cheat, it’s for the wrong reasons but if a woman cheats, then she’s reclaiming her identity and reaching her full potential (as an independent woman). Turning a much-needed blind eye to this hackneyed stereotype, there has been a nippy change of what it means to be unfaithful in film and television, where an increasing…

I’ve just bled through my panties. I can feel my insides bubbling and churning like a dough kneader. I’m in an Uber, and I’ve got around 200 rupees give or take left in my wallet (and unfortunately, my bank account) — so I can either sensibly pay for my ride like the law-abiding citizen that I am, slither my way into my home and weep to my boyfriend to bring me tampons… or I can try and wiggle my way out of paying; I cede to the former and stumble out.

This has been just one of a hapless heap…

Dating in Pakistan has remained a very problematic taboo — riding the wave of a more progressive culture has always been turbulent for a Pakistani pining for a taste of the dating culture fruit. While it has at most remained a primarily western edible, dating has slowly seeped its juices into Pakistani turf — and it’s mostly down to an enclave of young Pakistani celebrities who have normalized it.

While the concept of a ‘first date’ and engaging in the usual bucket of PDA might be the norm in most societies, in Pakistan for many it’s tantamount to amaranthine damnation to hell.

Rules are stringent, many couples cannot be seen together in public — be it your Romeo-Juliet-family-feud or because you’d rather not get publically humiliated and subsequently go ‘viral’ on social media…

Iman Zia

an elegiac little woodland creature at most, channeling all my rather woozy life decisions into writing. 26. London.

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